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Sell hotel Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, London, Paris, Rome, New York and other cities

Are you thinkking about selling a hotel? We are looking for hotels in major cities in the Netherlands, preferably Amsterdam area.

Sell hotel in Amsterdam or hotel at Schiphol ?

If you want to sell a hotel in the Schiphol area, then we can possibly get you in touch with an investor. The minimum investment is € 5 million.

You can also offer to sell hotels in the following cities:

  • Sell Hotel in Paris.
  • Sell Hotel in London.
  • Sell Hotel in Cannes.
  • Sell Hotel in Monaco.
  • Sell Hotel in Amsterdam.
  • Sell Hotel in Berlin.
  • Sell Hotel in Barcelona.
  • Sell Hotel in Madrid.
  • Sell Hotel in Rome.
  • Sell Hotel in Dublin.
  • Sell Hotel in New York.
  • Sell Hotel in Venice.
  • Hotel sales in Lisbon.

Also hotels in other major cities in France, Germany, Spain, England / United Kingdom, Belgium and Italy may be interested.

Our investors are willing to invest in hotels in the following cities:

  • Barcelona (max €250.000 per key)
  • London  (max €450.000 per key)
  • Paris (max €450.000 per key)
  • Amsterdam (max €250.000 per key)
  • Dublin (max €250.000 per key)
  • New York (max €450.000 per key)
  • Rome (max €250.000 per key)
  • Madrid (max €250.000,- per key)
  • Lisbon (max €200.000,- per key)

Important for selling the hotels in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, London, Paris, Rome, New-York, etc.:

  • Good locations
  • Off-market
  • Yield 5% or higher
  • 2*, 3*, 4* or 5*.
  • Developments are also intersting.
  • Minimum amount of 40 rooms, no maximum amount.

All kind of real estate at good locations in Amsterdam (hotels, offices, apartments, etc.) are also intersting for us.


Sell hotel Amsterdam, sell hotel Barcelona, sell hotel Dublin, sell hotel London, sell hotel Paris, sell hotel New-York, sell hotel Rome, sell hotel Lisbon.